Researching Family History

In the next few posts I will share my son’s research of our family history.  He did this for a year 6 project.

It is precious when grandparents share their stories.



I have been interviewing my grandparents.  Here I am with Nana Perkins when she visited me.

I learnt that my family has many cultures in it from the past and in the present.


We have:





South African                         




Papua New Guinea


Here are what all these flags look like.

Aboriginal_flag australia_flag  England Flag Flag_South-Africa france_flag german_flag iranmap ireland_flag png_flag scotland_flag south_african__flag

I found out our Papua New Guinean Tribe has a Totem. It is a Bird of Paradise.  This is what it looks like.

bird of paradise

The name of the tribe is Maipa Fakai.  This is a photo of Bubu (Gerards) village.


I researched the stories of three of my grandparents.

I did these interviews by email and facebook as my grandparents live in Melbourne, Victoria, and Launceston, Tasmania.

Poppy is in hospital for an operation so I couldn’t get his story yet, but I have interviewed three of my grandparents. Poppy sent me some photographs.

I heard from two of my Aunties. They helped me by telling me their cultures too.

Mum helped me to find lots of photographs and we asked our relatives for them. We had some of my Bubu (PNG grandmother) given to my family by an anthropologist called Mark Mosco.


By my youngest son

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    My youngest son is guest blogging our family story at Following the Crow Song, this is from his year 6 family history where he asked his grandparents their story, he needs to interview his Poppy as well.

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