Yarning with Nana

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This is another guest blog from my youngest son about his grandparents.  Maybe we can persuade them to guest blog one day.

I asked Nana some questions and this is what she told me.

1) What countries are your relatives from?
Pieter your Great Great grandfather was from Natal, Sth Africa, great great grandmother, Florence Great Grandfather from Paris, Alfred born in Mt Gambier Australia, to colonial family, Great grandmother, Helen born Castlemaine Vic

2) What were your grandparents jobs?
Pieter, your great great grandfather was a coach maker, & interpreter (12 languages), Florence your great, great grandmother was a lion tamer in circus on arrival in Melb Vic., Alfred was a labourer, farm worker & Helen was a domestic worker.

3) Where were you Born?
Nana was born in Melbourne, Australia (Helen Sonia Grundy Perkins is her name)

4) Where did you grow Up?
Port Melbourne Victoria

5) What is your best childhood memory?
Going to the Saturday afternoon pictures (movies) with my brothers on our own and eating toffees afterwards on the way home.

6) How did you meet Poppy (and where?)
I met Poppy at school in grade 5, I was 10!

7) What have your jobs been and which is your favourite job?
Factory worker, then trained in office procedures, and after gaining my Bachelor of Arts at age 45, my favourite job was as CEO of UNICEF Victoria, where I managed some 70 volunteers in raising funds by selling greeting cards, giving speeches for the organization and meeting with famous people! I am currently writing my own history of my family and growing up and have traced my kin back to 1700’s in Britain!

Nana is working on her life story.  I hope she finishes it so we can all read more of her story.

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