Random Angels in the Wings

Early positive memories of motherhood.

Pearlz Dreaming

grave Image By June Perkins

Ever had random angels in the wings?  They say or do just what you might have needed at that moment.  Afterwards you find yourself thinking, did that just happen?

These angels seem all the more random because they are in public spaces and make you feel happy, helped and safe, when perhaps you could be suspicious, struggling and scared.

I share with you three angels who must’ ve specialised in young mums. I have never forgotten their actions, although to be honest I don’t remember their faces at all.

The first angel

I’m in a university library, looking for some books I need for research.

We can handle this, we have before, my first born and I are intrepid explorers.  However today he starts to get teary. I give him something to play with from what I wished was a bottomless magic mum bag!

This book…

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