A Mekeo/Australian girl’s daily and remembered life

Memoirs in progress!

Pearlz Dreaming

motherhood3b An offering – June Perkins

I’ve been collecting all my life story blogs into a memoir. Today I was so excited  because that collection hit 75,000 words.

This is how I presently describe the book: exploring landscapes, dreamscapes, writing scapes, and the getting of wisdom from Tasmania to Queensland: a Mekeo/Australian girl’s daily and remembered life.

The book has shown me how much my blog has focused me into the daily task of writing and contributed to the creation of many works that I can now polish.

My major preoccupations have been growing up in Tasmania as a second generation migrant, the process of writing, gaining wisdom from life experiences, the making of identity, experiencing Queensland and moments of epiphany that sometimes appear like side tracks in life, but where understanding of the world become clearer.

Some of the stories in my collection include how my Mum and Dad met…

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