How I am Writing my Memoir

Some reflections on writing the memoir.

Pearlz Dreaming

june From Family Albums – June Perkins

I am so thankful for my blog because it has made me regularly record my life as it happens and as remembered.  As I write my memoir my various blog posts have been a rich resource to mine.

But now I must go beyond the blog.   And in this journey beyond I turn to: friends and family who were there at the time, sensory triggers of a vivid nature like thunderstorms and tastes of food at the time, photographs, and offline resource of journals and letters mostly kept before 1993.  I often send the stories to people to gain their insight.  I like to call on the muse of ancestors and the power of prayer and meditation as I write.

Reflecting on life past sometimes I find gaps that need filling in.  I am truly hoping those boxes of memory papers will help…

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