Following the Crow Song

Following the Crow Song – (c) June Perkins

Yesterday I finally was able to take a decent picture of a crow. They always seem to take off too quickly in my backyard. It took a walk at the cultural centre of Brisbane, which has a lot of ibis, crows and seagulls, to net a photo I liked.

I have been working on a poetry series about following the crow song and want to collect some images to go with it. It is great to kick it off with a crow surrounded by colour!

I worked out the other day I have about 16 writing projects on the go, short stories, poetry collections, memoirs, and children’s books as well as a perculating novel. I am time lining them all to have target completion dates. Last year I started to become much better at finishing my creative projects. The momentum has kicked up another level, but I so long for that first full length book of my own.

One of the reasons I have ended up with so many projects on the way is that I have begun collating poems and prose that thematically go together but which are drawn from a number of years. I am gathering bodies of work together to give them -perhaps- a longer lasting life in collections. I have half a dozen short stories that need to be polished.

Whilst all this is happening I am looking for paid work and continuing to follow the crow song, and search out memories from my life that are worth sharing. I am reaching out to many creative and encouraging friends, no matter where they live. It is so helpful to have people read your work before you put the final copy out to the wider public. I trust them to be honest but also helpful. I hope to assist them with their work as well.

All the best to everyone trying to follow their creative songs. I wonder what creative bird you follow?

I have picked the crow just because it is so abundant in Brisbane, and every time I hear it, it reminds me to write – no matter what is happening in life.



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