Rescue Time

Finding some memorable events in my blog archive.

Pearlz Dreaming

2013-02-14 2013-02-15 001 004

‘Guess what!’

My daughter sounded so excited.

She put her head around the corner, and in her hands was a turtle.

As they were driving home, her brother, Dad and she came across a turtle with a damaged foot.

He had been on the highway, probably looking for another creek. They nearly ran over him.

Luckily not!

They kept him for observation. They wanted to make sure his foot was alright, before freeing him.

They made him a comfy overnight space in a container with food and a little bit of water.

They were so delighted to help a creature out, especially after the recent loss of two pet guinea pigs.

They kept checking him and thinking about him.

The next day he seemed healthy, so they released him back into the ‘country wild.’

When my daughter placed him back into the water he lingered, but when we were up…

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