After Yasi: what happens after a cyclone (an interview with author June Perkins)

Beautiful to have an indepth chat with Mel.

Melinda J. Irvine

I am guest blogger today for a blog hop (virtual book tour) and launch of the eBook After Yasi by June Perkins. This is the full transcript of our interview.

June Perkins lauches her eBook 'After Yasi' today. June Perkins lauches her eBook ‘After Yasi’ today.

Your book is called ‘After Yasi’, so could you tell me about what your life was like before the cyclone and what it is like now (I interviewed a group of 25 women in the Philippines who had endured Typhoon Yolanda and asked them this same question)?

Before the cyclone I was busy raising my family and quietly doing creative projects with poetry and photography and my writing group in the community and trying to generate more income to contribute to my family’s wellbeing. My husband was a local teacher, and much loved by his students and their family. My children were attending a small local primary school surrounded by cane fields, and…

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