Family – in some favourite black and white photographs

Some of my favourite black and white photographs of immediate family.  1 – Me and David, 2- My eldest son 3- youngest son 4- David 5- Daughter a couple years back 6- Daughter.

1- David and I about to go the formal in Tully.  It was a little sad because my eldest son had left the highschool to do distance education and wasn’t going, but important for David to go as a teacher at the highschool.  It was a great night for David saying goodbye to his students as we were to leave Tully for the city the very next year. (This photo was taken by my son)

2-  My eldest son in Brisbane, watching his younger brother train for cricket. He has taken a strong interest in fostering his brother’s dream and bowls to him.  He has become quite a handy bowler himself but isn’t part of a team. Lately he bowls at training at his brother’s team to help them out.  He is about to start university and is excited about this.

3-  My youngest son in Brisbane.  We are waiting to see a close friend of his from the country.  He was being playful with his sister, looking for lizards and checking out the trees.

4-  David getting out of the car after a day teaching at highschool.  He looks a little tired but nevertheless ready to joke and smile.

5-  Taken the same time as the picture of her Dad.  This is first year highschool, and she also was captured returning home.

6- This portrait was shared on ABC Open and went into portrait exhibition.  My daughter was for a time a very good model for photographs.  We collaborated to take a series where she was looking into a perfume bottle as if there was genie in it (her idea.)  She also contemplated and chatted with me and this was the resulting photograph.  I treasure these photographs as she moves into her teenage years she is not keen to be photographed, although she doesn’t mind posing for photographs with me, taken by her Dad or brother.  She values our relationship.

(c) June Perkins


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