Scrapbooking facebook greetings to my son on his nineteenth


So many beautiful comments for Ben on his birthday that I thought I would save them here for Ben to look at and back at with the rest of the family:

Alan Perkins – Happy Birthday Ben, good luck on your Uni journey.

June Perkins Every year I write a letter to my children – I have a notebook full of them. this year is a special one. The one year we are parents to three teenagers.

Lynette Harris Happy Birthday, Ben..

Phebe Kanaratnam-Roberts That is lovely, June Perkins! Big love to the Perkins clan on this beautiful day/event. There are far better things than any we leave behind ~ C.S. Lewis. May Ben’s adventures be intellectual, emotional, spiritual, interpersonal and creative. Onward!

June Perkins So beautiful of you Phebe

Renee Hills This is so beautiful June.Very moving!

Maxine Lindsay Marsh Happy Birthday from the Marshs.

Graham Nicholson Happy bday.

Siva Peri Wish you all the best Ben. Sure you will outdo your parents who themselves have excelled in many ways!

Justine Crema Happy Birthday Ben

Bill Wells Fantastic sentiments June, he’s blessed to have such a Mum. And he’s a Pisces too!

Soroor Allen Beautifully said!!! Wishing dear Ben the happiest Birthday, and all the best for the Uni year!

June Perkins Ben thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes.

Paulien Bats Congratulations Ben!!

Hélène Safajou Congratulations to Ben and his parents!

Daryll Bellingham Many Happy Returns Ben.

Paul Gerard My nineteenth was spent in Ninggerum, on the (at that time disputed) border between PNG and Indonesian occupied Papua. All very exciting and stimulating at the time. Small contribution to exchequer in Mum’s account.

Lou Dowling Happy birthday young lad!

Danny Letham That reads like you are both very lucky

Arvid Yaganegi Cometh the hour, cometh the man. He looks as determined as Steve Waugh.

Helen Sonia Perkins Happy birthday Ben!

Te Warihi Hetaraka  Way to go Ben, the world is your oyster, remember that science is the balance of religion, and religion is balance of science, they are brothers in arms my friend. All the best.

Thanks also to these people who left messages on Ben’s wall

Aunty Tahirih, Cousin Nadia, Johana, Cornelia, Edward, Omid, Bubu, Blake and Mitchell and the 60 or so other people who hit like.


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