The Fast 4th March 2015

Pearlz Dreaming

8184645260_771418744e_o Spiritual Search – By June Perkins

It’s early days in the fast, but I have just  had a set back and found out I am not allowed to do the fluid part.  I will have to drink water due to my psoriasis still being an issue even though it is vastly improved.

It’s in remission and so much better but it still lurks and so this is the advice I have been given by my health professional. She does think fasts can be very good for the body and if done correctly are a great idea – so I am allowed to do the food part.

To compensate for not being able to fully participate in the fast I’ve given myself an extra challenge which is to try and fast from my social media – and not facebook during the day light hours of the fast.

However that was challenged…

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