Scanning Precious Letters


So I have a massive plan to scan precious family archives. When the cyclone threatened to destroy all it had me thinking about some precious papers.

This one is a letter from poet Roger White, A Canadian Baha’i poet who I wrote to a couple of times. He sent me some feedback on some poems and encouraged me to write a novel.

So many more gems like this, including journals… I almost need to employ a family archivist, if I could afford it. Maybe I can ask my children and pay them some pocket money to help me with this as it’s going to be an ongoing task.


I have a signed copy of the above book.

I am certainly enjoying reading through these old letters. In the days before blogs I wrote many letters.  I have the replies to those letters and it seems like a fun project to preserve these records for family.

If you have old letters from me, maybe you’d like to scan them and send them to me.

Would be interesting to read some of those words from long ago. Letters have a unique feel to them.

For more on Roger White Visit these links


Emergence of a Baha’i consciousness in World Literature – The Poetry of Roger White

Ron White’s Writings on Roger White’s Poetry

One of the Another_Song,_Another_Seasonbooks I had as a teenager

So  precious to have such words written about my own writing too and to have such a gentle but persuasive critique.

(c) June Perkins


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