Beginnings 1995


A scrap book page of a project I was a dramaturg on – ‘Beginnings.’ I researched the stories and supported Kaela in the development of the overall structure of the show.

We had two guides – one representing air and one earth. They were the two oldest people attending the youth group.

They split the audience in half and guided them through the park to stop and listen to stories.

Then each drama class had a story that they had found or one they chose from the ones I found that they then dramatised as the audience sat.

Finally it all came together with the the two guides bringing the audience back together, and I think we watched a puppet show at the end.

I did a lot of work with the guides who had to improvise their characters and stay in character whilst leading the audience around.

I wrote a special poem that they said together as well (not in unison, they split the lines up) – its on the front of the programs.

I will look through my files and add any more things I find in relation to this project and many other projects done down the years.

I am now doing a lot of archival research through my own archives and documenting all the projects down the years.

This was a truly special show done by a youth theatre group.

I’ll see if I have journal entries on it anywhere.

I wonder if any of the young actors went in theatre, film or acting. It would be lovely to hear from any of them.

Kaela was from Scotland and went back there to live. I wonder if she did more shows like this.

(c) June Perkins


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