A Story in 6- 50 Words -Return Tutor

Pearlz Dreaming

A spine poem I created whilst living  in Tully 

‘Return tutor; bookshop; purchase it all.’

Well not really, just three books.

But since cyclone Yasi I haven’t been purchasing many books, more giving them away to good homes or recycling them into art (yes some were too mouldy to do anything else with them).

I realised after moving house twice in quick succession, and after the delicate operation of rescuing physical books,  that we owned far too many;  I swore after several ute trips with books and some heavy lifts up stairs with books, only to add as I subtracted (ie buy one give one away).

Why own books anyway we can always make trips to the library?  Up until I was sixteen I owned about 25 books. I saved all my pocket money to buy several JD Salinger books.  At the time I just loved his writing and having…

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