Reminder Notes and the Beads of Time.

Sophie’s Beads – These are my friend’s Beads .. they are very precious to her. This image makes me think of her, proud Kalkadoon woman.

Forever making notes; writing down lists of things to do, remembering the phrase ‘the inbox is never empty.’ So much to learn; so much to do; so much to remember. What to do but begin?

Today I think of the first time I did a self portrait. I was in an art studio with my classmates and must have been eight or nine. I stood in front of a mirror with my multicoloured jumper that might have come from my grandmother. She was a grandmother I didn’t know very well.

She was later to surprise me, and she and grandfather, gave me a red typewriter.

The multicolour jumper became my focus. I wasn’t so interested in my face, and my curly hair but I did paint them. I wanted to remember that jumper.

Lately I’ve been studying writing. How to experiment with an idea and achieve something more. My writing exercises tell me to take this memory and work with it.


She beads her memory.

Faceless girl, guided by her paint brush, avoids the mirror that might make her glimpse into her own eyes,and remember she has no grandmothers to visit as they live in far away lands.

Her paint brush takes her to the rainbow and the luxury of having so many colours at her disposal, and an easel.

The strands of time beckon each bead.

The faceless girl is just one bead on a necklace, the others are her paint brush, and the paints, and the goal of self portrait.

Later she will learn of the yellow facepaint of the mekeo, and see an image of her mother’s village. She will add another bead to the strands of time.

Later she will write letters to the faceless girl and tell her to see more of the nature around her, to remember the wild rivers, and the environmental Priest who runs peace group at college, and the friend with dark curly hair who will drown in the river.


I will keep working with this idea. It all began with a discussion with Edith (see previous article on mindfulness in writing), about how she spins stories, and how I thought I would bead them.

I like this idea very much. It will be rolling around in my head all week! …. Now to leave my blog and do some more association exercises – another short story is being born.  I think it’s time to remember all I can about beading, and do some research.

Do you ever find images that hook you into thinking of ways forward with your stories?

(c) June Perkins

11 thoughts on “Reminder Notes and the Beads of Time.

  1. This reminded me of a poem ,written by Francis Brabazon for Meher Baba

    ”In the beginning-less beginning
    You rose and began a lovely singing.
    The notes were our hearts, which you were stringing
    into a necklace for beauty’s gain.
    the stars remained around you swinging,
    but I my own song started singing,
    and went, as a bird, my own way winging,
    and my song became my bitter pain.
    Now is my song one without a tune,
    a dogs baying at a lifeless moon.
    a cricket chirring in a desert dune,
    a wildflower thirsting for your rain.
    Sing again, Meher, your splendid singing,
    faint in my heart is ts echo ringing
    I,a dust grain to your feet am clinging.
    Upon your necklace string me again
    at long last to begin
    a beginning

      1. Yes, working on the craft and trying to push it one step further. Sometimes blogging can distract you from that aspect but trying to avoid that.

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