“Let It Be” – Advice for Women Memoir Writers Looking for the Opening

I thought my readers would find this article by Matilda Butler interesting and helpful. Thanks so much for permission to share this.

You can find Matilda at this blog  Women’s Memoirs

This article also appeared on Telling Her Stories – The Broad View.

This article features a video interview and gives advice on how to open a memoirs.

Telling HerStories: The Broad View

Karen-walkerOpening Salvos #9 by Matilda Butler

In a recent Women’s Memoir Author Conversation with SCN member Karen Walker, Kendra Bonnett and I were intrigued by a number of her responses to questions from our listeners. We invite you to listen to her entire interview. But right now I’d like to focus on just one response. Near the end of the interview, I got to ask my question about memoir openings. Specifically, I asked Karen to read her first three paragraphs and then tell us how she came up with the idea for her opening and why she chose this way to get her memoir started.

Karen’s memoir, Following the Whispers, started out as a rehash of her journals — more than 700 pages of rehash. “Then I turned my manuscript over to an editor and she told me, ‘You have a story in there somewhere. Just tell it.’” That…

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