Tasmania – Ten things you need to know (part one)

As you know I grew up in Tasmania. Recently a blogger from there, who is also a poet, found my blogs. Lovely to connect with Mim from My Island Home and here is her post about Tasmania !

My Island Home

Cape Huoy - East Coast One of Tasmania’s spectacular coastlines – Cape Huoy – East Coast Tasmania

Ah hello there *waves*. So you might have gathered by now (or not if you are new to my blog) that I live in Tasmania. In fact, I am a born and bred Tasmanian. Which is what this blog is all about – a celebration of the people and the wonderful places that make up this great island, with a little poetry along the side.

It occurred to me that many people reading this might want to know some basics about ‘Tassie’ (the affectionate nickname) particularly since our island has many guises according to which part of the world you are in. And I have noticed this all my life.

When I was a child (probably around 8), one of my teachers commenced a writing program with other children across the globe. I remember one of the first…

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