Three Generations and a 15th Birthday

My Mum, Me and Daughter – Three Generations

We had a special lunch for my daughter’s fifteenth. My mother and brother were able to make the journey from Tasmania for Brisbane for it.

When Baha’i children turn fifteen, this is the age at which they are able to decide to independently reaffirm their faith.  They must make the decision for themselves without any pressure from family or friends as to whether their commitment will be made.

To celebrate this occasion we went to Ahmet’s at South Bank

Our family gathered together with bubu, Uncle and two of our dear close family friends. They were great company and chatted with us all, and bought some arty gifts for dear daughter.  Daughter loved that we were all honouring her special day and was incredibly chatty and sparky.

South Bank, Brisbane has a lot of cool eating places but Ahmet’s was particularly recommended by a dear writing friend for its atmosphere as well as brilliant menu.

It had tremendous service.  The wait staff were warm, friendly and diligent.  We ate beautiful turkish pizza, spinach and ricotta pastry, egg plant salad, an assortment of dips, turkish bread, and calamari.

Dear Daughter loved the music on the radio and the the amazing lights.  She took quite a few photographs of the lights.

Lights – by Dear Daughter

A big thank you to everyone who was there with us. Thanks to Temily for taking this photograph of some of the group that went.


I remember my 15th birthday years ago. It was a massive joint party of three youth. Baha’is from all over Tasmania attended and our parents hired a hall and one of them, Ed, decorated our cakes as per our request. I had a pegasus on mine. Many of my friends from school attended. It was a special day and I was keen to reaffirm and remain a Baha’i as I am today.

It was a big event, but I think our dear daughter was equally happy with our low key and warm and friendly event. It was special that some of the extended family were able to come and spend it with us.

(c) June Perkins



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