Ash Forest Recounts


I was working on a story about Ash Forest for my memoirs or a storybook and came across this document in my archives.

I was seven when I wrote this and attending a small school of ten students at an alternative school run by friends of my parents.  We spent a lot of time writing, doing art, and travelling all over Tasmania for our excursions.  We went on many excursions, and one truly memorable one was Ash Forest.  We always wrote about them on our return.

Funny the things I chose to remember in this recount and the things I didn’t expand.  Who was the artist I saw?

Why mention her or him and not say anything in detail?

There are gumboots, food, people, possums, blue beetles, and the things children do when exploring and building in a forest.

And what of the planned poem that was never written.  Did I write it on a lost piece of paper?

It might make my parents a little sad to read this because my passed away brother is enjoying this game in the forest with us.  But this might have been a happy memory for him too so perhaps it will also make them smile.

In those days I was always called Junie, not June, and my brother William, was Billy.

I am glad to have so many journals and old essays to mine for ideas. This is an interesting way to get in touch with the inner child.  Have you tried it?

(c) June Perkins


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