Narrative Non-Fiction

Some thoughts on creative non-fiction.

Pearlz Dreaming

village My mother’s mekeo village – a photograph given to me by an anthropologist who studied her village.

If you love blogging creative non-fiction may be the publishing genre for you. It is also known as literary non-fiction or narrative non-fiction.

Recently I discovered how interesting this genre is and how it could be an ideal way for me to approach some of the topics I love to blog on. I realised that many pieces I’ve blogged could be written in this style, and in some cases already have been.

Creative non fiction embraces memoir, journal article, research paper and poem. It embraces travel, nature, and sports writing, It uses literary techniques to achieve its goal. The key to it is that in addition to this it is well researched and backgrounded and the narrative is engagingly written using recognised literary techniques. Many of the skills of a seasoned journalist come…

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