Celebrating Pedra and Mona

Mona and Pedro – taken by June Perkins

On the weekend the family were so happy to celebrate the engagement of our dear friend Pedro, to his beloved, Mona. They went all out for this engagement as they will be having their wedding in Africa and many friends and family from here will be unable to attend.

Pedro was like a big brother to our children when lived in Tully, after attending a mentoring camp the children were at. He visited us quite a few times and bought the boys a guitar! They both still love playing the guitar, especially our eldest.

It was so uplifting to be there to see him embark on the journey of life with his true love.

On coming home, my youngest said, ‘Do you think Pedro has seen my facebook friend request?’  He is new to facebook and primarily on there to be in touch with family.  Pedro had indeed accepted the friend request of one of his adopted little brothers.

The evening was full of speeches, dancing, food, a photo booth, and lots of people coming together from near and far to celebrate.  It was also the celebration of a coming together of many cultures, in a  soon to be marriage of true world citizens.

We saw many of our mutual friends from Far North Queensland, Brisbane and beyond.  So lovely to meet up with them and to also see what wonderful human beings their children have become.

Here is just a small glimpse of what was a memorable evening for us all. I may write some more on the evening later, but for now this post celebrates this memory.

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