A Pit of Snakes

A pit of snakes covered the university grounds, who knew doing a Phd would be so Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Snake Light – June Perkins

The structure for my memoirs is becoming clearer after some beta reading of the latest draft.

Yes, there will be poetry (strategically placed to make you read it).

Yes, there will be memorable scenes (some may have appeared in short prose pieces, but they will be reworked).

Yes, there will be memorable imagery.

Yes, there will be cultures.

But the other ingredient is looking for memorable lines that open out into those scenes or poems.

Is the first line of this blog for poem or story?

That’s something you won’t find out until the book is out.

Are you curious?

Until the next one liner.

Yours Truly,

The Girl with a Flower in her Hair

Excerpts from notes for my Memoirs (c) June Perkins


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