You are storytellers, you are writers: Lani Wendt Young encouraging a new generation of Pasifika writers and readers

One of the highlights of this year!

Pearlz Dreaming

booklaunch16Meeting Lani,. She said, ‘I will definitely look up your blog’

This weekend in my heart I truly learnt many times the closed doors of publishing ‘traditional’ are often nothing to do with your talent, how good your writing is, your heart, dedication, and vision as a writer or even your hard work.

Instead, unfortunately, the closed doors are sometimes to do with class, culture, guarding of a canon and of privilege and dominant cultures, colonialism, post colonialism not realised and of course the personal preference of the editor, editors, if you  don’t have powerful connections and networks, and the ever complicated and all powerful market forces (which are governed by a variety of people with privilege and occasionally challenged by something special if they can go ‘viral’ or prove their market value.)

I know this theoretically – having studied Edward Said, Gayitari Spivak and Trinh Minh Ha, Anita Heiss…

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