Dreaming and Making Books

I have been quite neglecting this blog; but it has been for a good reason.

I have been working on a kickstarter to bring a poetry collection for children, into being.


The brilliant news is that we have successfully crowd funded the book!  You can find out more here  MAGIC FISH DREAMING KICKSTARTER  and there are 69 hours left to pledge.

I am so excited, but there is more, I gained a mentorship right before my kickstarter, with the Australian Society of Author at the end of last year after a string of rejections.  This felt like confirmation I was on the right path.

Over the next year with my mentor, I am working to deepen my picture book crafting skills, by focusing on one manuscript.  We have a total of 25 hours to work together, which is so cool.  We’ve had a couple of sessions before the kickstarter and will continue again in April.

My goal is to take what I learn from the mentorship to have a stack of picture book manuscripts polished and ready for submissions next year, whilst I am working on the production and printing of Magic Fish Dreaming.

A recent interview reminded me of how far the journey in education and poetry has brought me, and that I will definitely at some point complete my memoir, which is now on a second draft.  For some of my story you can check out this link.  I think the memoir is definitely saying it needs to be completed!


My Family

Someone asked will your memoir have poetry, and then suggested, ‘it should have sprinklings of it, that would work well’, and another friend said, that ‘the journey of Magic Fish Dreaming, has felt like more than the journey of a book.’

Through all of this the power of collaboration and friendship has been central to the breakthroughs of the last year.

A special thanks to  Helene, Vacen, Tita Mel, Carmel, Pam, Angela, Dimity, Julianne, Katayoon, Shirin,  the many Writelinkers, hard to mention  all individually but a special mention to Ali, Karen, Yvonne and Katrin, and to more recent friends such as Nancy, who have given me much courage to be fearless and who their own lives provide much inspiration.

There are other people never met, who I have known for nearly ten years now, and a special mention must go to Danny  and Janet my flicker pals who also follow my writing now and then, the many soul Fooders, especially Sally and Gail, but also Joanne, Suzanne, Jill, and Gemma.  And there are the friends like Melissa who I have come to know through her online poetry and photography, and who offer their encouragement as well.

And last but not least the wonderful Magic Fish Dreaming team, Helene, Heidi and Matilda thank you for believing in this project!

Thank you for the many conversations, online and real space, that have uplifted and encouraged me to just keep on writing and creating projects that want to make a difference in the world.

Will be back here now and then to share, but have to keep on task.  And don’t worry that memoirs is on its way!





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