Ruha’s Birthday

Marika, June, Temily and Ruha

I haven’t written in this blog for a while, but I really wanted to remember Ruha’s Surprise party.

Her sister, Minaira secretly invited several of Ruha’s friends to gather to surprise her.  Our instructions were, ‘dress in the style of Ruha, bring Sushi and Yoghurt, and arrive at 6.45.’

What a happy but noisy waiting bunch, not sure if Ruha heard the loud shushes…. from up the street.

There were a couple of false arrivals, that caused lots of giggles.

Minaira, was infectious in her excitement that she was making a big surprise for her sister.

And finally Ruha arrived!


Lots of hugs and laughter.

Children running around with balloons.

Sushi and frozen yoghurt treats.

Followed by dancing, guitar and general happiness.

Happy birthday Ruha and thanks so much for Minaira for including us in the shenanigans.

It was so funny how the group photograph came together.  It began with six and Ruha just kept calling more and more people into the photograph.

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