Early sunset autumn

Early autumn and our sun begins setting around five.

We head out for a walk before the evening chill sets in.

My youngest son and daughter walk, then run, then walk.

Youngest is speedy, fluid, fast – he loves to run but not in competitions even when asked to consider the school cross country team.  Instead running is, moving like the wind, being in the moment of freedom.

My daughter sometimes wants to catch up, to attempt to pass the speedster, but he just turns the speed on and then playfully circles back to run and walk with her.

Their Dad and I walk behind, observing the siblings chat and race, and walk, as well as having our own chat.

There are cyclists everywhere on the track, some just ‘ting, ting’ others yell out ‘bike.’

The joggers count their kilometres and listen to their plugged in music.  They stop to use the council provided exercise equipment.

Youth recapture their early childhood on the swings.

People walk with their cute dogs, ready with a smile for those who admire their pooches, enjoying their four footed friends company.

My daughter jokes that it would be fun to handicap her brother’s run by having him ‘run the guinea pigs.’ Yes, our family have new pet guinea pigs, must blog on them soon!

As for me in the second half of our walk I am chasing the late afternoon sunset beams, and walking towards the light with my phone camera.  But I must be mindful of cyclists, must not get too lost in the moment of photographing or it could be ‘splat.’

I ask my three family members to pose, just for a moment, to capture this afternoon family walk.

I take in the moments of clouds, communion and connection.



13248452_10208374296847931_3816890654297031643_o 13245283_10208374323088587_5676332691111000748_n




Exploring our surrounds, clouds, waterways and looking up at the trees.

Our family are going on regular walks, sometimes all of us, sometimes a few of us.

The purpose of these walks, just a space to think and stretch and ponder.

(c) All Images and Words June Perkins


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