Precious Painting; Precious Times

Me as Young Artist – by Edward Broomhall

I was delighted to receive this photograph of attending an art class in my childhood from my art teacher at that time.

Thanks Edward!

I remember this experience and this jumper so well.

It was one of my favourite jumpers, due to the multicoloured randomness of the pattern, and the soft feel of the wool.

I remember painting a self portrait to capture how special it  was and will never forget that painting day.

I think that will be a poem one day for sure.


I have written my early childhood up to when I was twenty and am letting that percolate for a while before deciding where to definitely finish the story of growing up or whether to continue into student hood for my first book.

Work progresses on Magic Fish Dreaming!  It is now with the designer and prepress, and in a few weeks will be at the printers.  Wow.  Right now I am madly planning launches and ‘selling the book’ events and have a huge number of places to call and some maybe to email.

I have completed half of my mentorship for the Australian Society of Authors picture book emerging writers mentorship with Dr Robyn Sheahan-Bright.  It has been fantastic working with my mentor.  Here we are at a meeting before the Leigh Hobbs’ Visual Literacy lecture at the state library.


I’ve learnt the value of having my manuscripts sit for a couple of weeks or more between each draft, and day dreaming, walking and thinking of solutions to the challenges in a meditative and relaxed state. It will be enlightening to reflect on this process and look back at how much my storytelling has improved.

Just a couple of months ago I met John Marsden at the Rainforest Writing Retreat.  It was enlightening to attend and experience his participatory class.  This was packed with lots of drama exercises, writing exercises, and memorable stories which imaginatively communicated his knowledge and expertise in not only writing but education as well.


Attending this workshop and retreat made me feel so much closer to the writing community and that I can and will contribute to World Literature.

Another highlight of the writing retreat was taking a long adventurous walk to a waterfall with Robyn and Jillanne (both pictured below) and spending time with Writelinkers there as well.  I came across some Magic Fish Dreaming and blog fans which was amazing.


Jillanne and I have become closer friends after spending time together at the Writing retreat.  She is one of many writing sisters who I am happy to know.  Jillanne, Robyn and I did some critiquing of each other’s work, perched in front of an open fire.  Truly unforgettable times.

I loved this retreat so much.

Well, that will be all for a while, have so much work to do, to make sure Magic Fish Dreaming is out before Christmas.

The only other news is that I am so super proud of the students I tutored last semester who achieved brilliantly in their creative writing units at QUT.  Maybe one day I’ll be attending their book launches.

All the best everyone,



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