Launch of At the End of Holyrood Lane

Brisbane Square Library, Sunday 24th September.

It was a very special launch of a delicate book about a difficult subject.

At the End of Holyrood Lane is a book intended to open the conversations about domestic violence and the fear it causes for children and the hope that change can begin when help is sought, written by Dimity Powell and illustrated by Nicky Johnston.

I enjoy conversations with Dimity about what a picture book can potentially do for people of any age.  Dimity is a bubbly and cheerful person, who is able to deal optimistically but also poetically with such a difficult topic.

Dimity Powell’s friends, family and the organisations endorsing the book, the kids lit community and people who already are big fans of her work, as well as people from the wider communi8ty were out in force at this event.  In all the hub bub, she had time to say to me, ‘June I do hope my discussion of cyclones didn’t cause you any difficulties ; Tthat is just the kind of person she is, always putting others before herself.


Susanne Gervay, gave an energetic and passionate talk about the first time she met Dimity, her prior projects, many of which are extremely innovate, like interactive stories that you experience through apps on plane trips or when walking around the Gold Coast.


Dimity gave some background about the metaphor she had chosen to use in this book.

She had a close friend’s daughter, play the part of Flick, whilst she was reading the story.


Her friend Jacqui Halpin, made the most beautiful biscuits.


Dimity’s mum made the beautiful unicorn, featured in the story, especially for the launch.


Joy Tomlinson, gave a presentation on behalf or Rize Up.   We all bought raffle tickets to assist the work that they do to assist families setting up a new household after leaving a  stormy home situation.

A craft activity to make the ribbon featured in the story was also available.

The warmth and support at this event was beautiful.  If there can be more love like this in the community, perhaps together, we can all render domestic violence as something of the past.

Just a few photographs of kids lit community, to end this post.

There were some fantastic helpers, amongst them Jacqui Halpin, Candice Lemon Scott, and Sheryl Gwyther.  Dimity of course also paid tribute to her wonderful illustrator Nicky Johnston.



Thank you so much for bringing such a significant book into the world  Dimity Powell. May it help bring an end to the storms. Sensitive handling of fear and the gaining of shelter. Thank you for showing such kindness and care to your community, friends, family and fellow lit community. Very blessed to have met you. My first friend in the kids lit community of Brisbane/Gold Coast/SC.


4 thoughts on “Launch of At the End of Holyrood Lane

  1. It was a wonderful launch. I was so happy to be there for it. You have given it a wonderful write-up, June, and what a lovely photo of you and Dimity together – two amazing writers.

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