Murray Upper Dreamers

This post is by Michael Bromage.  I helped with the audio on the video that accompanied the post.

What do a camera girl, motorbike rider, robber and fairy have in common?


They each represent some of the dreams shared by students attending Murray River Upper State School.

I love ABC Open’s Dreambox project. The dreams people share can be surprising, inspirational or down to earth. I enjoy seeing the differences and similarities between the dreams of kids and adults and I get to meet new people in our community, practice my photography and teach digital storytelling techniques.

My mother will be proud. She has always wanted me to try teaching in a classroom and HERE I am at a state school in front of the class. Good fun. Great students.

Thank you to principle, Kayte Gillinder, and staff for helping provide the Dreambox opportunity and thank you to June Perkins for interviewing the kids and recording good sound to help make the video. Thanks to student and school captain Amber Davis for helping the younger students with their writing on chalk boards and the spelling of names. Let’s hope your dream comes true and you are running your own restaurant one day!

See all the Murray River Upper State School Dreambox photos HERE.

And enjoy the video!

By Michael Bromage, ABC Open, Published 02 May 2012.

This video will only be viewable for a short time due to ABC Open closing down.  But here it is if you wish to take a look.

Please note all the ABC Open posts I have archived here that are written by me or have relevance to my family will also have broken links when the site goes down on the 30th of June 2019


3 thoughts on “Murray Upper Dreamers

  1. What a fabulous project and interview, June. I loved seeing your own ‘little’ boy in there. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to interview those same children again now and see how their dreams are going?

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