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I tell stories through a mixture of media, including poetry, photographs, storytelling, song, written words and video.

Since moving to Brisbane I’ve become an active member of  the wonderful Write Links  This group focuses on writing for children and young adults.  I’ve also joined QWC and Book Links and hope to meet more writers and readers in Brissie and the nearby coasts. I’m now madly working on several picture book manuscripts, poetry collections, and a  fantasy chapter book inspired by nearly a decade of living in North Queensland.

My first published words for children are several poems soon to be appearing in Sally Odger’s bumper poetry anthology, Prints Rhyming Anthology, 2015.  Some of these were composed after the inspiration of those little tackers in the Ripple project.

Previously, I’ve had over 100 articles, interviews, short memoir pieces, poems, stories, and reviews published in a diverse range of online spaces, magazines, anthologies, guest blogs, walls (by permission of course), libraries, and journals. I co-edited Under One Sky, and a collection of After Yasi stories with photographs.  A couple of times I’ve even been paid to read my poetry.  Thankyou to the Pacific Wave and Tasmanian Poetry Festival.  I love contributing to anthologies and chapter books but it’s probably about time I went solo.

I’ve had a diverse range of jobs, as writers often do,  working as a university tutor, writing group coordinator, dramaturg, teacher aide, storyteller, youth mentor, group blogger, guest blogger, commissioned photographer, gallery attendant, cultural development officer, researcher, workshop facilitator and arts project coordinator and facilitated  community engagement projects like Ripple, The Smile Within, and women’s storytelling projects.  I was a contributor to the ABC Open’s Aftermath project and that’s when I began telling lots of cyclone recovery stories.

I completed my doctorate on the Empowerment of Indigenous women through writing in 2004. That’s the short version.  The long version is that this was a massive challenge in life, done with three beautiful children patiently tagging along on field trips and growing up fast and crawling all over me whilst I typed up.  On top of that their Dad was studying for his PhD too and then decided to become a teacher.

I’m currently looking for my next documentary theme and hoping that this story will  soon just yell at me, ‘just tell me.’

In 2012 I was awarded an Australia Day senior cultural medal for services to community based on my  writing and contributions to ABC Open from the Cassowary Coastal Council and was thrice nominated for a regional service award for Queensland.  Thanks to whoever nominated me for these awards, it’s not often you find people who truly appreciate your efforts, but the Cassowary Coast artists and writers made me feel that way and I will always remember them.

Visit my website to find out more  June Perkins

I am delighted to be a member of the following groups or directories. Gumbootspearlz is my website.

You can find me at  Twitter    Facebook    Vimeo    Pinterest

I am a regular photographic contributor to Nineteen Months.

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