Talking with Trees

Pearlz Dreaming


Under the shadow of my favourite tree the rest of the world slipped away.
No need to worry about lunch time small talk.
No worrying about a lack of lunch and mum and Dad miles away by my brother’s hospital bed.

Sometimes a close friend dropped by to share the time with me and the tree,
but often just time to meditate and learn to find that strength within.

Under the shadow of a tree only the words of the green light and the bark’s insight.
Changing colour of leaves, texture of the earth beneath.

Still I play back conversations with the green enfolding me in comfort of a friendly tree.

(c) June Perkins

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Tree Lover Tribe

‘Tree Mosaic’ By June Perkins
(c) all rights reserved

Legend Trees
find their way
into my stories
and scientific names sound
so intriguing when
you are trying to know more about the tree
And trees are everywhere in literature
and religious imagery
the tree of life
the leaves of the spirit
is it any wonder
I connect to people
who love trees.
(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.